About the Library

In 2002, the first and only Russian Library in Canada was established by the founder of the library Svetlana Roufanova.

The library started from the collection of 3500 thousand books and has grown into well-known and popular in the community non-for-profit organization the Russian Library and Community Information Centre. About the library

Today the Library provides access to universal collection of more than 15 000 books, magazines and newspapers that preserves and promotes Russian language, literature, cultural and historical heritage of Russia.

The Russian Library offers variety of programs for kids, families, youth and seniors. Everyone is welcome and feels comfortable to learn and speak Russian language, to meet authors, to participate in educational seminars and workshops, to discuss the life with friends and to share their knowledge and experience. The Russian library is a place where people discover past and today of Russian-speaking community in Canada and where they get education, knowledge and recourses to integrate to multicultural Canadian society.

In 2007, the Russian Library celebrated its 5th anniversary. Hundreds of the Russian Library clients, community and business partners, authors, artists, media representatives, and library friends from all over the world acknowledged the significant impact the library has had in the community and its unique contribution to the cultural life of Canada.

Our Vision Culture and information in the heart of the community.

Our Mission
Everyone is welcome at Russian Library and Community Information Centre.  The Russian Library is established to provide access to the universal collection of books, magazines, newspapers and other materials; information, and cultural, educational, and recreational programs in Russian and other languages for the benefit of public. 

We work to support and promote cultural life and historical heritage of the Russian-speaking community in Canada.

Be involved in community groups and organizations, form partnerships and outreach strategies
Share knowledge and resources
Provide quality, customer-driven products and services
Respect for Self and Others
Maintain confidentiality
Support freedom of thought and diversity of ideas through policies, procedures and collections


The Russian Library facts and figures:
  • More than 15000 thousands of Russian books and magazines
  • More than 1500 families own a membership of the Russian Library
  • There are more then 400 visits to the library each week
  • More then 250 volunteers contributed their time to the organization
  • Almost 3500 virtual visits of the library web-site made each month
  • More then 5000 books were donated to the library by individuals and organizations from different countries
  • The library special collections are books of Russian Canadian authors and Russian immigrant literature from Canada and around the world
  • More then 200 books were signed and presented the library by authors
  • 2150 people attended more then 230 programs
  • The library has developed strong partnership with diverse non-for-profit community and cultural organizations, media, key business
  • For the first time in Canada, the Day of Slavic Written Language and Culture celebration initiated by Russian Library and held on May 24, 2005


The Russian Library and Community Information Centre makes a difference in thousands of people lives giving them a sense of the community and a sense of their special contributions to the life, history and shared citizenship of Canada.